Il 25 gennaio si è tenuta una conferenza dal titolo: "LE RADICI COMUNI DEL CIBO TRA ITALIA E INDIA" in inglese tenuta da Mr. Raja RYMBAI (Responsabile ITM Advisor Slow Food per sud-est Asia - SLOW FOOD FOUNDATION - in collaborazione con il Prof. Bricarello, riservata alle classi quarte di enogastronomia.

Ecco una breve sintesi dei temi trattati:

The Role of Geography, Climate, Socio-Political Contexts & Historical Invasions in Shaping India’s Dynamic Food Culture

India is a land of many treasures. By virtue of its geographical placement and size, India is gifted with an incredibly diverse landscape and people of various ethnicities. With these physical attributes, comes a unique food culture that has developed over centuries based on climate and seasonality, but also, historical traditions, religious beliefs and socio-political history of invasions and conquests. This talk aims to examine the various factors that have led to the development of the rare, dynamic and vast food culture of India at large, with a special focus on selected states.

India’s cuisine and food culture is largely a result of three major influences:

  1. Geography – climate, seasonality & topography
  2. Religious or historical traditions
  3. Socio-political history of invasions & conquests




Pubblicato il 26-01-2019